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Traditional Choquequirao Trekking 5D/4N

The Traditional Choquequirao Trekking, is not like Machu Picchu, which is a solid inka site that one can explore with a few hours.  Choquekiraw is an inka site that is spreadout  and takes time to explore in entirety.  Our 5 day expedition allows you to have more time including 2 nights camping at the ruins and one full day to explore the complete inka site.  It also allows you to go slower along the trail which is nice for family’s or anyone wanting to take the time to really appreciate the Andes. Please note: This trek does not go to Machu Picchu.




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ITINERARY – Traditional Choquequirao Trekking

Day 1: Cusco – Capuliyoc – La Playa

We will pick you up at 4.00 am from your hotel in Cusco with our private van and your guide and drive about 3 hours until you get to the trail head called Capuliyoc ( 3200 m). You will meet your horses and horsesman and your trekking chef will provide the first breakfast. You will love the beautiful views of the snow capped mountains that sorround you and your trekking guide will introduce the team. After a group photo, you will start the amazing traditional choquequirao trekking.It will be 3 hours all downhill with some stops as you need until you arrive to your first lunch spot.

The trail could be a little dusty and slippery but with good trekking shoes and trekking poles all will be fine. And you will have spectacular views of the Apurimac river, amazing landscapes, beautifull flora and fauna . Its another 3 hours after lunch until your campsite which is at the bottom of the valley called La Playa (1800 m).

  • Walking distance: 14km / 8.1 miles
  • Weather: Warm and hot
  • Meals included: Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Hot té and Dinner 

Day 2: La Playa – Marampata – Choquequirao

After an early breakfast you will get ready for the day. You will begin the day by crossing the river by cable car and then its 4 hours uphill with zigzags. Along the way you will pass by some sugar cane farms, more great views of the valley from the opposite hill, possibly some condors above (largest birds of the Andes) and beautiful flora and and fauna. This climb is one of the most challenging parts of the Choquekiraw trek and we will have an emergency horse in case you will get tired and might want to ride for some sections. Once you arrive to Marampata you will be done with the uphill and have time to enjoy your lunch at 3350m. After lunch you deserve a nice siesta and then will continue on the last section for 2 hours until Choquequirao.

This will be by far the most impressive section of your entire traditional choquequirao trekking since you will have lots of amazing views from the summit to the canyon of Apurimac, nice views of Choquequirao wher you can see the whole inka site, lots of orchids and other flowers and lots of black bears. Upon your arrival to the campsite, our porters will set you in your tents. This campsite is amazing since it will be right at the foot part of the inka site. If you still have some energy left you can walk 30 minutes to enjoy the sunset from the Choquekiraw inka site.

  • Walking distance: 16km / 9.16 miles
  • Weather: Hot
  • Meals included: Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Hot té and Dinner 

Day 3: Exploring Choquequirao

After an early breakfast you you will get prepared for the most amazing day exploring Choquekiraw. It will take about 30 minutes to get there and then you will begin your history lesson and tour of this impressive inka site. Choquekiraw is considered to be bigger than Machu Picchu, but most of it is still hidden in the forest. This inka site is extremely spreadout since the inkas had to think and study which áreas of the mountain were the best areas to contruct several buldings, terraces , and houses. The most impressive parts of this site are the temples, astronomical observatorys, and water channels.

After touring around for about 4 hours you will head back to camp for lunch and a little siesta. You will have more time to continue exploring the site and remember our guides are experts in archeology and history. You will get to explore amazing areas of the site – the llama area for example is a steep downhill walk for 30 minutes where you will see really narrow farming terraces and on the aall llamas were built into the wall out of white stones. This was most likely built in by the incas to represent the llama constellation in the milkyway. You then get to visit the Usno area where you can enjoy the sunset over the mountains and then walk back to your campsite for the second night at Choquekiraw.

  • Weather: Hot with mosquitos
  • Meals included: Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Hot té and Dinner 

Day 4: Choquequirao – Marampata – La Playa – Chikiska

After another early breakfast we will prepare ourself for our way back to Cusco and say goodbye to the magestic choquequiraw inka site. It will be 2 hours back to Marmpata always with amazing views of the canyon of Apurimac. The guide will always be pointing out the beautiful flora and fauna you might have missed on your way to the inka site. The waterfalls that you see from far away and the clouds lifting from the bottom of the canyon are really impressive and you might want to make sure you have enough battery life to preserve these. Also if you have nice weather you will get to enjoy the amazing landscape of the Andes. From Marampata you will begin the 4 hours steep downhill to La Playa. This downhill definitely requires trekking poles.

At half way down you will have a break to enjoy some fruit that are farmed around there. Cactus fruit are the main attraction around here. Finally you will reach La Playa for lunch and then it will be 2 hours uphill to Chikiska Camp which is in the backyard of a familly but with amazing views of the landscape. Today you might also see some bacl bears, condors, humming birds and more…

  • Walking distance: 18km / 11.32 miles
  • Weather: Hot with lots of mosquitos
  • Meals included: Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Hot té and Dinner 

Day 5 .- Chikiska – Capuliyoc – Cusco

After early breakfast you will get ready to return to Cusco. It will be the last 4 hours uphill to arrive to the end of the trek where you will enjoy your last lunch with your guide, porters and horsesman. You will say goodbye to your team other than your guide and then continue for about 3 hours, this time by car, drive back to Cusco along the nice landscape. You will get to pass Curawasi where people farm the famous Anis (local tea) then you will be arriving to Cusco around 6 pm in total with some stops on the way and we will drop you off at your hotel.

  • Walking distance: 8km / 4.17 miles
  • Weather: Hot 
  • Meals included: Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch

End of the traditional choquequirao trekking



What is Included on the traditional choquequirao trekking?

  • Briefing the night before at your hotel at 6.00pm
  • Pick up from hotel and private van to the trailhead
  • Professional english speaking tour guide
  • Professional trekking chef
  • Porters, horseman
  • Horses to carry the camping equipment, food, and your personal clothes up to 8 kg
  • Meals, breakfast, snacks, happy hours, dinner
  • Camping equipments, sleeping tents, dining tents, kitchen tents, chairs, dishes and more.
  • Inflatable sleeping pads.
  • Entrance fee to choquekiraw
  • Fisrt aid kit
  • Private portable toilets
  • Drinking water each day, 3 times a day
  • Emergecy horse to ride in case you feel tired
  • Taxes included

Not Included

  • Sleeping bag (rentals available from Nig Adventures)
  • Walking Sticks (rentals available from Nig adventures)



Our Traditional Choquequirao Trekking  includes your personal porter to carry up to kg/16lbs of your belongings. 

  • $650 per person when booking 2-3 people
  • $600 per person when booking 4 or more people