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Social Project


Our community social project in the highest mountain of Cusco Region.

Christmas is probably the most important date in the life of every child. Nig Adventures instructional delivery tools, clothing and organizes chocolatadas (free chocolate caps for children) Christmas, giving gift, movie in the country and parties with clowns, there is no greater satisfaction in our work to see the smile of a child.

Social Project Nig Adventures, we always believed that we should “give back” to the communities we pass through when on our treks. Therefore, as part of our commitment to responsible tourism.

Then we shared the Hot chocolate with Bread and our gifts! Each child received 2 cups of hot chocolate with special cake-bread, clothes, soccer ball, teddy bears, dolls, toys, toothbrush, and other assorted items to encourage happiness for CHRISTMAS and hygiene.

Nig Adventures is so proud to be able to support these beautiful people, not only in giving them work but also to bring this down to a grassroots level, to show up in person, in their home and share with their families. This makes us so happy to have this holistic approach with our highland employees and their families!

The social projects of Nig Adventures provide a link between visitors and the Andean communities, via financial donation, and intellectual contribution to projects. We seek out projects which recognize that insiders (Andean Peruvians) and outsiders (foreigners) all have strengths and weaknesses – and that by working collaboratively we can reach best practice.

While donations are helpful and appreciated, Social Project Nig Adventures directors and staff like to be involved at a grassroots level and would like to provide visitors the opportunity to do the same