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Cusco Sacred Valley 2 Days

Cusco Sacred Valley, It’s one great alternative  option to visit the old land of the Incas. This is a beautiful place-full of charm and history, where we can see interesting archaeological sites and Inca terraces – where we can see the culture and customs of this fascinating and ancient people. The Sacred Valley of the Incas, It is beautiful and was highly regarded by the Inca, due to its special location, climate and fertile soil.

Highlights of this tour include the most famous Inca ruins around Cusco, Sacsayhuaman and in the Sacred Valley you will be visiting the Piscac ruins, Pisac Market, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, Maras and Moray.




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ITINERARY – Sacred Valley

DAY 1:

At 8:00AM be ready and in your hotel lobby. The Nig Adventures guide will pick you up and take you to your first destination, Sacsayhuaman. Sacsayhuaman is a beautiful archaeological site created by the Incas just above the city of Cusco. Here you will see a great example of why Inca architecture remains so well in tact today. At Sacsayhuaman you will see the largest stone monolith that remains in any Inca ruin.

From Sacsayhuaman we will head towards the Sacred Valley. Along the way we will visit a fantastic place called Awanacancha, a weaving center and alpaca farm where you will see live llamas, alpacas, vicunas and guanacos. If you would like, this is a great place to purchase high quality alpaca clothing and gifts.

We will drive from here to Pisac Inca Ruins. These are another amazing ruins that are located on top of one of the mountains in the Sacred Valley. We will see hundreds of agricultural terraces  where the Inca farmed corn, potatoes, and quinoa. Enjoy the religious and astronomical side of the Inca Cosmology at these ruins. 

and more…

Next we drive down to Pisac market and town. This is a bustling handicraft market and another great place to purchase gifts if you choose. You can also experience some of the local delicacies – many of the local farmers bring their vegetables here to sell. This is where we will stop for our lunch break.

We will drive through the Sacred Valley after lunch to Ollantaytambo. Ollantaytambo was an Inca checkpoint where they protected Machu Picchu and the valley against any enemies. You will explore the ruins here, have some free time to take photos and explore the town, which is the only in tact Inca town which still exists, with water channels running alongside the narrow streets. You will be spending the night in Ollantaytambo so your guide will set you up in your hotel where you can relax a bit before dinner.

DAY 2:

Breakfast will be at 6:30 AM on Day 2. After breakfast, we will drive to Maras Salt Mines. This mine was extremely important to the Incas and was their supply for salt and still provides salt today. Amazing 3000 salt evaporation pools that are owned by local families which have become the main economic activity for all locals that live nearby. On top of being historical and useful, the Maras salt mines are just a beautiful sight to see.

The Incas used Moray as a way to study farming. They built terraces and experimented with different vegetables to see what grew best and at which temperature. You will see the terraces of Moray – each terrace was best for certain growth and the Incas studied and practiced to see which worked best.

We will drive to Chincheros after Moray. In Chincheros we will see some Inca terracing that was used to farm potatoes. The Incas discovered that at this elevation of 3700 meter/11,500 feet, it was the perfect location to farm potatoes. They grew so many potatoes that they were able to supply the entire Inca civilization which this amazing vegetable. We will also see one unique colonial church that was built on the top of an Inca palace by the Spaniards. We will then visit your final textile center and you will have your last opportunity for purchasing gifts here.

We will complete the tour of the Sacred Valley here and head back to Cusco where you will be dropped back off at your hotel.

There is an option to add an extra day 3rd and visit Machu Picchu or start your Inca Trail or alternative trek from here. 




  • Transportation
  • Guide
  • One hotel room (each additional room is $70 per room)
  • Taxes
  • Rain Ponchos


  • Meals
  • Entrances tickets



PRICE: (Minimun people required: 2 )

2D/1N Sacred Valley 2 days with Hotel El Albergue                         2D/1N Sacred Valley with El Pakaritampu

$ 310 per person                                                                                            $ 320 per person