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About Us

Nig Adventures is a travel agency created to give you experiences of adventure and fun in the attractions of Peru . You will have the opportunity to explore the ancient empire of the Incas and the Amazon full of incredible flora and fauna. We have highly trained staff and professional experience, to offer high quality service that exceeds your expectations and making your visit to Peru , Your unforgettable trip .

Nig Adventures locally owned and based in Cusco, Peru. We aim to provide the best and most genuine tour of the Andes. We cater for all your needs and through our range of different tours, we are sure that we can find a tour that suits whatever you desire.

One of the primary goals of Nig Adventures is to support the local community through providing jobs, particularly for the Porters, and to build some sustainable schools for the Andean kids.

Our Goals

To provide sustainable and responsible tours to Macchupicchu.

Be ambassadors about Incan culture and its history in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

To provide a memorable and enjoyable trekking experience.

To maintain a 1000% locally owned company with a view of supporting our local community by providing jobs and concentrating on reinvesting back into the community.

To provide equitable services to our Porters, providing them with the appropriate equipment for hiking, Health Insurance and that they are paid deservedly for their tireless work.

Our Vision

We give high quality and personalized tours no matter what type of tour our clients prefer. We want those who choose to train to Machu Picchu to be treated with the same dedication as those who spend a few days with us hiking through the mountains.

To be recognized as the leading Tour Agency & Operator in the Cusco Region & one that contributes greatly to the development of the Tourism Sector.


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